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"We've spent 27 years serving the community with the very best hand-crafted beers possible and making our operations greener is just another way of giving back to our community, Net Zero Impact's experience working with breweries, exceptional warranty and ability to implement an extremely complex design made it an easy choice to work with the company."
- Mike Hale
Hale's Ales
Seattle, WA
"Double brewing makes sense because it saves on labor. We will be able to brew twice the amount because there are now 500 gallons of water available daily rather than 200, yet [we incur] the same labor costs. Previously, it took about nine hours to brew one batch and we did that every two days, which is 18 hours total. We can do a double batch in 12 to 14 hours. We like those savings."
- Big Al Brewing
Seattle, WA
"Net Zero Impact has helped Our Lady of the Lake find new ways to reduce our rapidly rising utility expenditures, allowing us to invest our resources in the important and necessary work at our parish and school, such as books and computer equipment for classrooms."
- Vince McGovern
Our Lady of the Lake
Seattle, WA
"I did a ton of research before installing a solar system on my home. I knew that with the climate in the Northwest I had to find something that would work on the cloudy days and would last for years to come. Net Zero Impact helped me find that in a Kingspan Solar evacuated tube system."
- Evan P.
Renton, WA
"Our region's unique weather patterns make generation of solar energy a challenge, solar thermal tubes are uniquely suited to our rainy, overcast environment, providing a clean green-energy solution that pencils out for building owners and developers."
- Art Favinger
Favinger Plumbing
Bellingham, WA
"Net Zero Impact has been a real blessing, designing a solar thermal system that fits the unique needs of our site, saving us money, and allowing us to do something really positive for the environment, when it comes to renewable energy, our parish is like every other Seattle homeowner or business - we're searching for ways to do something good for our planet and to take some of the sting out of utility bills."
- Kevin Murphy
Parish Administrator
St. Paul & St. Edward

Seattle Solar Energy Solutions

Net Zero Impact LLC is a forward-thinking company devoted to offering the most innovative solar-thermal energy solutions for commercial clients and home owners.

Our specially tailored systems positively impact our customers' bottom lines, save them money and simultaneously shrink their carbon footprints.

Net Zero Impact thoroughly understands how to integrate renewable and traditional energy systems, leveraging the power of patented solar-thermal tubes from Kingspan Solar. This technological expertise allows us to design custom solutions that will work best for specific commercial needs. In addition, our knowledge of grant processes and leasing options enables us to help our clients identify the optimal financial structure for installing a Net Zero Impact system.

We provide combined heating, cooling and power (CHCP) systems to clients who use these systems to supplement their energy demands. By focusing on each customer's specific needs, we provide unique renewable, sustainable, efficient and cost-effective energy solutions. The growing demand for renewable energy in the Northwest can now be met with this new technology.

Net Zero Impact services include:

  • Project Analysis
  • Feasibility Study
  • Sizing and Engineering
  • ROI Analysis
  • Facilitation of Funding Procurement
  • Coordinate Installation Services
  • Product Certification and Training
  • Monitor and Maintain System